Counselling centred around you

Nearly everyone has difficulties at some point in life which can be helped by talking to a professional counsellor. I can help you work with with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, panic disorder, bereavement,  workplace stress and other challenging situations.  I specialise in counselling survivors of rape and sexual abuse, including in childhood.

~Counselling centred around you~

I can help you to navigate your most personal issues in your own way in complete confidence, at your own pace and as far as you feel you want to.

If you are considering talking with someone about things that are becoming too difficult to endure by yourself, you may find that my compassionate, empathic style of listening and counselling is helpful to gently work with even the most sensitive issues.

I work at The Sue Lambert Trust and I am a MIND Credentialed Therapist.

I work with:

Acute Anxiety where quality of life has seriously diminished

Generalised Anxiety which can manifest as worry, confusion or fear

Depression, and feeling down, isolated or alone

Bereavement, grief, and transitions towards your new relationship to yourself and your life without your loved one

I specialise in working with women and men suffering from rape, sexual abuse, childhood rape and sexual abuse and the ongoing traumas and difficulties that occur as a result. 

I teach mindfulness based meditation techniques to improve emotional self regulation and gain awareness

I am happy to provide spiritual accompaniment on your journey, or find ground again in spiritual crisis

I have worked with survivors of suicide attempts whose lives have positively transformed over time to health and happiness

If you would like to book a £30 introductory session please email

My Approach

I work in a person-centred way based on empathetic listening and non-judgemental reflection. By being completely open to your unique experience I can help you find your way forward in your unique situation.

I aim to create a gentle, non-judgemental welcome for you to bring your most personal thoughts and feelings in total confidence.

How it works

The person centred approach prioritises understanding, compassion, and acceptance, allowing the development of new awareness, realisations and acceptance which helps new solutions to emerge.

The  empathetic counsellor helps to shine the light onto the areas the client wants resolved, and provides caring support through  difficulties.

Building a trusting therapeutic relationship is key to achieving personal change, so your choice of therapist is important. You can find out more about how I work with an introductory session, and you are free to change your mind at any time.

Please see my page on How I Work

Roisin Elder BA PD Dip Couns MBACP Registered Member

 I am registered at The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) where you can also find my advertised listing.  is one of the main UK professional bodies and I adhere to their Ethical Framework.

If you are in extreme distress please contact:

Accident & Emergency (A&E) and Emergency GP appointments.

For urgent medical advice you can call the NHS 111 (England) or NHS Direct (Wales).

You can also contact The Samaritans, a non-religious charity to help with acute distress: